How stiff is it ?

WOODALPS wooden bike frames has been designed to have a comparable behaviour than other bikes frames. Most people are surprised by the stiffness of a wooden frame.

Is it strong ?

Yes, our bike frames are tested and certified in compliance with ISO 4210 by an independent laboratory.

In addition, WOODALPS bike frames have accumulated several tens of thousands of kilometers before being commercialized, in all condition, from daily commuting, to MTB marathon races.

Wood is not concerned by fatigue failures, as aluminium or titanium, and our bike frames are much thicker and therefore shock resistant than carbon bike frames.

Is it resistant to water ?

No, you should never expose the frame to water, ash roots would quickly start growing. JOKE !

Seriously, our bike frames internal and external surfaces are coated with high quality marine varnish, the same that are used for wooden boats which spend years in water, in sunny conditions.

So no, WOODALPS wooden bike frames can be exposed to water as any other bike frame, so it can be cleaned with high pressure water. As any other bike, the most water sensitive elements are the bearings (notably the bottom bracket bearings).

Is it heavy ?

A MTB bike frame is around 2.5kg, and road bike frame is about 1.9kg, so about 1kg heavier than a CFRP / aluminium frame

Do you have an e-bike ?

The e-bike is a project, but the design bas not yet beginned. We have also a fatbike in the pipeline.

Other question ?

Do not hesitate to contact us !