Love wood, ride wood !

WOODALPS designs and builds wooden bikes. Our bikes are a careful blend of dynamic styling, performance, noble materials and reliability.

Why ?

If performance is not sufficient for you, and you like amazing, out of the ordinary objects and noble materials, WOODALPS bikes are made for you !

How ?

WOODALPS frames are made of at least 10 pieces of wood carved on a CNC machine. The tubes have an hollow section, with a thickness adjusted to local load flux and exposure to impacts. The hollow section also allows an internal cable routing.

Our bikes

WOODALPS has currently three frames, the YGGY, available in different configurations, based on a MTB frame, and the GROOTY for the road bike addicts, and the BRANCHY, a gravel bike with plenty of attachements for bikepacking.

An e-bike, the E-TRUNCKY is also in preparation but will not be available soon.


Mountain bikes

YGGY bikes are based on a MTB wooden frame


Road bikes



Gravel bikes

Versatile gravel bikes, with lots of fixations for racks, mudgards

Any questions or suggestions

If you have questions about our bikes, the ordering process or any suggestions, send us un e-mail or call us.

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Give a second amazing life to a tree, ride an wooden bike !