YGGY bikes

Tuned for pleasure and performance

The YGGY model is at ease in its environment: the mountain and the forest. It lives, it wants, and makes you want to travel the singles, in the middle of the forest, the mountain, from which it comes.

Out of its element, in urban territory, the urban YGGY will surprise, but will remain agile and confortable.

A surprising marriage of technology and craftsmanship

YGGY frames are mainly made of ash, which has the advantage of being one of the most resistant woods for a reasonable density.

YGGY bikes are equipped with state-of-the-art components, with 29″ wheels that provide comfort and performance on difficult terrain, a BOOST format transmission, with wide hubs for more rigidity.

Carbon fiber reinforcements are used at the main interfaces to ensure resistance and rock-solid reliability.

Let yourself be surprised by the benefits of riding a wooden bike!

Agile, lightweight and playful bikes.

YGGY bikes, in a moutain bike configuration, with suspension fork, telescopic seatpost, wide 2.3″ tires, automatic pedals, weigh around 12kg, +-1kg depending on the size and selected equipment.

The frame weighs approximately 2.6kg

The classic geometry will suit cross country / trail riders.

The frames are available in sizes S, M, L, and XL, which is rare (and complicated) for wooden bicycle frames.

Do not hesitate to push hard on the pedals, to rush, to jump… YGGY frames are made for that.


The YGGY frame is made up of 10 pieces of wood, and 3 carbon inserts at the head tube, seat post, and bottom bracket. Glued joints are discreet, solid and durable and are part of WOODALPS know-how.

YGGY frames have been tested for 10 years before starting marketing, for trail, but also on cross country marathon races, including the Roc des Alpes, the Grand Raid (Switzerland), the Forestière, the Vélo Vert Festival (and many more to come)

The classic failure modes on aluminum and carbon bikes do not exist on YGGY frames, in particular fatigue failure, weak zones in the welds, shocks on the thin layers of carbon.

Your WOODALPS bike should be in good condition in 100 years…

The YGGY frame is certified by an independent laboratory according to the ISO 4210-2 standard.

YGGY bike frame geometry

Chain stayBL440440440440
Seat tube lengthSL390,4431,9465,4493,5
Head tube lengthHL115,0115,0120,1135,1
Seat tube angleSA73,573,573,573,5
Head tube angleHA68686868
Bottom bracket dropBBDROP55555555
Fork lengthFL506531531531
Cranck length170175175175
Stem length50606060
Handlebar lengtj700700700700
Seatpost travel125150150150
Rear hub width148148148148
Bottom bracket width73737373
Rider mean size1675174518151895
Rider min size1600171017801850
Rider max size1710178018501940

Customized markings

You can ask for a customized marking on the frame. The marking is done by laser engraving. The area available for the marking is on the down tube, close to the bottom bracket.