BRANCHY gravel bikes

BRANCHY bikes are now available ! .

The branchy is a bike designed for adventure, for exploring new horizons, in communion with nature.

Its unique design, with its organic, dynamic curves, leaves no one indifferent, not even the trees at the side of the road. The material, the pattern formed on its surface by the wood grain, makes each bike a unique work of art.

But above all, the Branchy is a high-performance, lightweight and versatile bike.

A surprising marriage of technology and craftsmanship

BRANCHY wooden frames are mainly made of ash, which has the advantage of being one of the most resistant woods for a reasonable density.

BRANCHY wooden bicycles are equipped with state-of-the-art components, with hydraulic disc brakes, cable or wireless electric gear change with more than 1000km of range, clean cables integration, high profile carbon wheels.

Carbon fiber reinforcements are used at the main interfaces to ensure resistance and reliability at all times.

Let yourself be surprised by the benefits of riding a wooden bike!

Confortable, reactive, light and playful bikes

The first reaction of all testers is wow….All testers are seduced by the extreme confort and reactivity of the bike.

The frame absorbs more vibration than any other carbon, aluminium, titanium or bamboo bikes.

BRANCHY bikes weight approximately 9kg (Sile L, same setup as above, not including pedals).

The frame weighs around 2.2kg.

The classic geometry inspired by the biggest brands will suit gravel bike regulars.

The frames are available in sizes S, M, L, and XL, which is rare (and complicated) for wooden bicycle frames.


The BRANCHY frame is made up of 10 pieces of wood, and 4 carbon inserts at the level of the steering tube, the seatpost, the crankset, and the rear wheel axle. Glued joints are discreet, solid and durable and are part of WOODALPS know-how.

The classic failure modes on aluminum and carbon bikes do not exist on BRANCHY frames, in particular fatigue failure, weak zones in the welds, shocks on the thin layers of carbon.

Your WOODALPS bike should be in good condition in 100 years


The Branchy can be used for short rides, short and long adventures, bikepacking or loaded like a mule. It can also be used as a commuter bike, and can also compete in gravel races.
It features numerous attachment points for accessories such as frame bags, mudguards and luggage racks.


Top tube length552,4562,3577,2596,5
Chain stay lengthBL425425425425
Seat tube lengthSL461,4492,9526,1549,6
Head tube lengthHL125146167189
Seat tube angle73,573,573,573,5
Head tube angle70,570,570,570,5
Bottom bracket drop75757575
Fork lengthFL400400400400